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Hombre Niño

Founded in the fall of 2012 by Yoshifumi “YOPPI” Egawa, former professional skateboarder and creator of Tokyo's pioneering streetwear brands. Hombre Niño was launched in order to connect YOPPI's skater youth with his challenges as an adult. Both its collections and the brand name–“kid man”—indicate that the brand offers something for both generations.
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Hombre Niño is a Japanese streetwear brand founded by Yoshifumi Egawa, better known as "YOPPI". Cleverly combining memories of his teenage memories of skateboarding and his daily challenges of adulthood and parenthood, this renowned former professional skateboarder and designer offers a unique take on Tokyo streetwear for both adults and youth.

Hombre Niño: YOPPI

Our fashion experts gather every season the most coveted and exclusive garments from Hombre Niño, a Japanese streetwear brand recognized among lovers of men's fashion and the Tokyo skateboarding scene for the affinity and popularity of YOPPI, its founder, with both worlds. Visit our online store and find out about the latest news from Hombre Niño.