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Founded by the young artist Colm Dillane, KidSuper is a fashion label based in the creative neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. The collections are characterized by a glaring artistic influence reflected through illustrations on fun apparel loaded with personality.
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    KidSuper: from Brooklyn to Louis Vuitton

    One of the (many) career highlights for Colm Dillane, founder of Brooklyn-based fashion label KidSuper, was his collaboration with French maison Louis Vuitton to co-create the menswear collection for the Fall-Winter 2023 season.

    The collaboration not only combined luxury and street style, but also highlighted the fashion industry's evolution towards diverse influences and unconventional collaborations.

    It wasn’t the first time KidSuper partnered with another brand—and chances are it won’t be the last. Previously, Dillane merged its playful style with Suicoke's innovative shoe designs, resulting in trendy yet comfortable footwear.

    Who is Colm Dillane, KidSuper’s designer

    Colm Dillane, the creative and executing mind behind the brand, is a visionary designer celebrated for his vibrant and unconventional creations. As the founder of KidSuper Studios, he fuses art, fashion and streetwear with a fun twist. Dillane’s designs, including t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, sweaters, jackets, sweatpants and shorts, to name a few, have gained recognition for their unique aesthetic that resonates with a youthful spirit.