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Needles was founded in 1988 by Keizo Shimizu, director and owner of the Asian distribution company, Nepenthes. The brand is a fusion of American Ivy League, Grunge-Cobain style and Japanese fashion, resulting in a line of unique and extravagant pieces.
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    From Nepenthes to Needles

    Back in the late 80s, Keizo Shimizu founded Nepenthes, a store in Japan selling vintage pieces and US military surpluses along with other American brands. Later in the 90s, Shimizu moved to the USA and founded the Needles brand, which specialized in deconstructing and mixing up vintage pieces to create new, timeless styles.

    Needles Japan

    Although the brand's classic styles are heavily influenced by American style, the collections are produced from Japanese fabrics and vintage cut-out pieces that create an eccentric and unique models. Needles, known for its rebuild flannel shirts, also offers track pants, shirts and hoodies, all designed to elevate your look and bring a touch of the Japanese style into your wardrobe.