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Onitsuka Tiger

More than 70 years ago, Onitsuka Tiger appeared in the world of footwear with the intention of revitalizing the young people of that time through sport. Since then, this Japanese brand has been designing shoes for all kinds of sports with a clear focus on the modern spirit and everything that influences it, whether it is pop culture, the environment or even politics.

    Onitsuka Tiger: born and reborn

    Onitsuka Tiger is one of Japan's longest-running footwear brands, dating back to the founding of Onitsuka Co, Ltd. in 1949, when 32-year-old former military officer Kihachiro Onitsuka established his company with the hopes of raising the self-esteem of post-war youth through sport. The brand then re-launched in 2002 after a hiatus, with stores in major capitals around the world such as Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and global distribution through selected retailers such as SVD USA.

    Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66: the front-runner

    The Japanese brand has been consistently delivering for many years, and the Tiger Mexico 66 model is proof of that success. For both men and women, the Onitsuka Tiger shoe has become a must-have slip-on model in your closet. Bearing a classic, but not outdated, style, they are the all-rounder you need for your day to day. Perfect to complete your sporty look or to lighten up a more formal outfit, the Mexico 66 is the perfect urban shoe for any season.

    What's next from Onitsuka Tiger shoes at SVD USA

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