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Rick Owens

Richard Saturnino Owens, the visionary behind Rick Owens, has carved a unique niche in the global fashion landscape with his grunge-infused aesthetic. Known for his boundary-pushing collections showcased at Fashion Weeks worldwide, Owens has positioned his brand at the forefront of avant-garde fashion, making it a standout name in the industry.
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The glamour-meets-grunge aesthetic of Rick Owens

Step into the world of Rick Owens at SVD USA, where we've curated a fine assortment of apparel, footwear, and accessories. From T-shirts and pants to jackets, sneakers, socks, and keychains, each piece carries Rick Owens' signature blend of sophistication with a laid-back vibe. Straying from the sun-kissed, beachy feel of his Los Angeles roots, Rick Owens dives deep into a unique mix of grunge, dark elegance, and glamour. His collections are a testament to this distinctive style, marrying various elements in a seamless fusion that he aptly names “glunge”—a blend of glamour and grunge, elegantly casual yet utterly refined.

Discover Rick Owens Men’s collection at SVD USA

The Rick Owens Men's collection is a bold embodiment of the brand's avant-garde ethos and dual-natured aesthetic, offering designs that dare to defy the ordinary. Rick Owens elevates everyday pieces into extraordinary statements with his use of premium materials, crafting garments and accessories that break the mold. Iconic black leather jackets, revolutionary white virgin wool jackets, and even Rick Owens socks—which transform a basic necessity into a luxe must-have—are just the beginning. The collection also features a meticulously curated selection of accessories, led by leather bags that exude a perfect blend of minimalism, sophistication, and undeniable glamour.

Rick Owens sunglasses

Rick Owens sunglasses aren't just any accessory—they're the key piece you need to complete your collection. With his signature blend of laid-back yet premium style, Rick Owens takes classic shades to the next level, infusing them with a mix of sophistication and cutting-edge flair. In the Rick Owens eyewear lineup, you'll find a variety of designs crafted from the finest materials. These pieces skillfully merge retro vibes with a futuristic outlook and neutral frames with pops of color in the lenses, like the sleek nylon or stainless steel frames set off by vivid orange lenses. Dive into our extensive collection of clothing, accessories, footwear, and exclusive collabs to nail that avant-garde grunge look. What's stopping you?