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Trench Coats and Raincoats

Brave the elements with SVD's exclusive selection of trench coats and raincoats. A select range of outerwear created by our fashion experts so you can face low temperatures or sudden downpours in style.
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    Don't let the rain stop you with the trench coats and raincoats from SVD range.

    The raincoats we know today appeared in the 19th century in Scotland, but their origins go back a long way. In more recent times, their construction changed from rubber to modern, lightweight synthetic materials. At SVD you will find rain jackets and other waterproof raincoats, long or short, designed by the most powerful streetwear brands of the moment, using the latest technologies and textile innovations. Top quality outerwear to protect you from rain or low temperatures.

    Discover our latest selection of designer trench coats and raincoats

    Lightweight, stylish and practical: designer raincoats ensure the right level of protection during the change of seasons, from winter to spring and from summer to fall. After all, trench coat fashion lasts all-year long! The models in our selection are designed by the most relevant brands of the moment and feature modern cuts, premium materials and practical additional elements such as pockets, belts and hoods. If you're looking for an outdoor garment that will protect you from the first or last days of cold weather, opt for a raincoat jacket. You'll notice how easy it is to shelter from the weather without giving up your style!