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Men's Shirt Jackets

Perfect for layered looks and mid-season outfits. The shirt jacket is a versatile and functional piece of clothing that has earned a place in men's closets by combining the best elements of a shirt and a traditional jacket.
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    Men’s shackets: two garments in one

    Half shirt and half jacket. Shackets (also known as overshirts or shirt jackets) are versatile, comfortable and lightweight garments designed specifically to complete your mid-season outfits. At SVD you can buy men's shirt jackets in all styles and materials: checkered, plain, embroidered, printed, denim, cargo, cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, corduroy or flannel. All designed by leading streetwear and sportswear brands. The most exclusive men's overshirt jackets of the moment are waiting for you on SVD's official website.

    Men's overshirts, a must-have even for the colder seasons

    Men's shirts are a must-have in both spring and fall, but depending on the material, they can also adapt seamlessly to colder weather. A men’s quilted shirt jacket in wool can save your outfits with an extra touch of style. Its functional design, combining the best of a shirt and a jacket, has earned it a special place in the fashion world. Even more so when it comes to a plaid shirt jacket, the legendary print that cannot be missed in a man's closet. Tartan, Prince of Wales, Vichy, windowpane—these and many other designs await you on the SVD website.

    Discover SVD's selection of men's shirt jackets

    Get your versatile, stylish shirt jacket at SVD. Designs by Carhartt WIP, Veilance, SHOOP Clothing, GCDS, Polo Ralph Lauren and BYBORRE are all available on our online store. Betting on the quality of the materials, the sturdiness of the construction and the originality of the design, these brands manage to craft premium garments that will last a lifetime. Explore our catalog and get your hands on your favorite overshirt!