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To perform at your best in training, you need a sports garment that allows you to move freely, and breathe. At SVD you’ll find the ideal leggings to practice sports while feeling comfortable, light and cool.

    The history of women’s leggings: from a sports garment to a fashion statement

    Leggings as we know them today have drastically changed throughout history, but there is one thing that has remained stable over time: their practicality. Their origin goes back to some types of tights that were worn in Europe, from the 13th century onwards, and in the Americas. In the 1960s, a tighter version inspired by ballet garments appeared, but it was the aerobics boom of the 1970s-80s that helped leggings establish themselves as a basic sportswear garment. Finally, in 2010, leggings entered street fashion trends (not without sparking controversies) and today their use in both fashion and sports contexts has been normalized. Today, many brands and designers take advantage of the versatile nature of these pieces of clothing to create models that can be worn for workouts as well as for the most hyped parties in town. In the SVD selection, you will find both sports and fashion leggings, as well as leather and compression leggings for women. Come discover the ones that best suit your style.

    Workout without fear with a pair of fashion leggings

    Leggings are one of the preferred garments to practice sports, especially thanks to the support they provide, and the utilitarian materials used in their construction, which are elasticated and breathable. To boost practicality, leggings with pockets have also made an appearance. Nike, Jordan and adidas are just some of the brands of sports leggings that you will find at SVD. If you want to feel comfortable, free and cool, browse though our catalog, choose the pair of black leggings that best suit your workout and perform at your best.

    Make a statement with the designer leggings of our selection

    Feel as comfortable and fashionable as ever with the most exclusive designer leggings you will find at SVD. Designs from collaborations like adidas x IVY PARK await in our catalog, don’t miss them!