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Overalls and Jumpsuits

Overalls and jumpsuits are casual garments that can be worn almost every month of the year. Their comfort and versatility makes them easily adaptable to any style. At SVD you can find a wide variety of dungarees and overalls in the most sought-after designs and colors of the season.

    Discover the comfort of women's overalls and jumpsuits

    Check out our selection of overalls and jumpsuits from the most relevant streetwear brands. But first, let's tell you a little about the history of jumpsuits. Few people know the origin of the jumpsuits, a historical garment that is always in fashion. In the 19th century, miners were constantly complaining that their pants were easily torn, which meant they didn't last very long, and this translated into an additional economic cost. The solution to this problem was dungarees: a pair of pants with a fabric insert that goes over the chest and is fastened with two straps. Our deal includes women's jumpsuits and women's overalls in all kinds of colors, silhouettes and materials: from classic denim to utilitarian cotton. Enter our store and choose the one that best suits your style in our selections.

    Get the most sought after men's overalls and jumpsuits now

    Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what outfit to wear every morning? Don't think twice and buy a jumpsuit or overall on sivasdescalzo's online store. The fashionable garment you need, so you don't have to spend hours and hours in front of your closet deciding. Overalls and jumpsuits have earned a privileged place in all our closets for their versatility and comfort. If you still don't have a jumpsuit, there's no reason not to include it on your wish list. At SVD we have it clear, there is nothing more versatile, timeless and comfortable than men's jumpsuits or overalls. Trendy garments that you can combine both in the winter with a pair of sneakers and in the summer with sandals. Now is the time. Take a look at our catalog and add a men's jumpsuit or men's overall to your closet. All the jumpsuits and overalls for men you are looking for are at SVD.