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Hiking Boots and Shoes

Having the right equipment is essential for safe sports and mountain hiking. At SVD we selected the best hiking shoes and boots, so you can practice outdoor sports safely and always with the best up-to-date designs.
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    Hiking shoes and boots for your next adventure

    When hiking in the mountains or outdoors, it's all too easy to trip, hit rocks and roots, and encounter various obstacles. To truly enjoy a hike you need the right equipment that will protect and offer you comfort for the duration of the adventure; rain, wind, mud and rocky or snowy terrain shouldn't stop you from moving forward, but rather give you the right motivation to finish the route safely. If you already know the importance of a good pair of mountain boots or shoes, you are in the right place. We at SVD have prepared for you a wide selection of the best models of low and high hiking shoes to accompany you wherever your adventurous spirit takes you. A strong grip, waterproofing, durability, stability and unsurpassed comfort are just some of the qualities offered by the brands in the industry, and at SVD we make sure we make them available to you at the best price. Start planning your next outdoor adventure now!

    Women's hiking shoes at SVD

    If you literally can't wait for warmer days to come, why not start planning your next outdoor experience already? The quintessential element you'll need is a pair of good hiking shoes or boots, equipped with the latest comfort and gripping technology, and with waterproof features that won't let rain spoil your trip. Whether you're looking for white, blue or black hiking boots or casual hiking shoes, at SVD we have got your needs covered. Nike and Salomon's latest drops are available at the best price on the market on our online store, so why wait? Come have a look at our selection and choose the pair that best suits your style and needs. Quality and durability are a guarantee at SVD.

    Your new men's hiking boots just a click away—only at SVD

    If you love exploring the outdoors and feeling the crisp mountain air on your skin, you've just landed in the right place. Have a look at SVD's footwear selection: colorful or minimalist, retro or fashion, nylon or leather hiking boots for women and men are waiting for your next adventure on our online store. Find in our catalog outdoor-specialised brands' latest models—all equipped with comfort technology and constructed to resist the hardest weather and terrain conditions. Choose the functional Salomon XT-Wings 2 Advanced or spice up the game with the latest releases from Nike that combine urban style with the technical features you need for your outdoor excursions. Your next adventure is just around the corner!