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We contribute to protecting our greatest value


At SVD, we are fully committed to becoming more sustainable and energy-efficient in all our operations.

We know that even small actions can make a big difference, so we are taking specific steps to measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

That's why in 2023, we made adjustments to our facilities and switched to 100% renewable energy.

Our brands

Even from the beginning, our goal has always been to create a sustainable business model. We avoid fast fashion and embrace a philosophy that values quality over quantity. We believe in the production of durable and timeless garments, promoting a more sustainable and durable approach to fashion.

Our focus on the environment starts with the materials we choose. Clothing from our Front of House™, SVD Foundation, and SVD CKC™ lines is made from 100% organic cotton, supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Our pledge to quality and sustainability extends to the shipping boxes we use. They're made of cardboard that can be recycled and are designed for re-use, making them more long-lasting and less wasteful.

And now, we've also obtained the seal of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, which endorses our efforts and pushes us further towards a 100% renewable energy model and the reduction of our unsustainable energy sources.