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Hed Mayner

Israeli designer Hed Mayner has always been fascinated by pattern designing and tailoring. In his collections, menswear classics are redefined to suit the contemporary man of today, drawing inspiration from traditional spiritual clothing, casual sportswear, and military tailoring.

    From Jerusalem to Paris: the early days of Hed Mayner

    After studying in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Mayner settled in Paris to study at the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode where he would go on to pursue his interest in men's tailoring. His design philosophy harmoniously fuses Middle Eastern traditions with contemporary innovation, reshaping the fashion landscape with gender-fluid, oversized silhouettes and sustainable practices.

    Hed Mayner, and how you can redesign the traditional male closet

    Mayner has been acclaimed for his distinctive blend of tradition and modernity. His collections reflect a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern heritage, fusing traditional elements with a contemporary aesthetic. The designer's signature oversized silhouettes, voluminous shapes and gender-fluid designs challenge conventional fashion norms and appeal to a diverse audience. His subdued, earthy color palettes and his appreciation of craftsmanship create a sense of understated luxury. Hed Mayner's work continues to reshape fashion with a timeless and inclusive flair. Find the finest pieces from his collections at SVD and get hold of one - or several - of them!