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GORE-TEX Shoes & Boots

GORE-TEX is the quintessential outdoor footwear technology. Since 1976, this waterproof system has supported every activity that keeps people on the move, providing reliable protection from rain, snow, cold winds and humidity.
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    A wide selection of GORE-TEX boots, now available at SVD

    ”Waterproof” is the first word that comes to mind when you hear about GORE-TEX technology. This porous, low-water-absorbing, weather-resistant material not only provides innovative and durable waterproof protection, but also has the ability to block the passage of cold air and promote rapid sweat wicking. Discover the modern design and textile innovation of today's best performing GORE TEX footwear for women and men. Available now on the SVD online store.

    GORE-TEX shoes

    Stability, traction, breathability, protection and waterproofing. All of these features are important when choosing a good pair of trekking shoes. With a pair of hiking shoes featuring GORE TEX technology, you get durable waterproofing, optimal breathability, protection from intense drafts and many other technical benefits that enhance your comfort and performance during your favorite outdoor activities. At SVD, we've selected a wide range of women's and men’s GORE-TEX footwear with the technical features you need for your athletic days in the mountains. Our selection offers the perfect balance of performance, quality and style, so what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of GORE-TEX shoes on our online store and set out to discover new territory, even during the wettest seasons of the year.

    GORE-TEX sneakers

    No matter what the temperature or weather conditions, when you're on the move, you need to move with confidence. That's why your GORE-TEX sneakers need to be ready to handle any situation. Hiking boots, whether low, medium or high, are all about durability and protection, but when equipped with GORE-TEX technology, they offer three essential benefits for outdoor sports: waterproofing, windproofing and breathability. This textile technology is based on a membrane with pores smaller than a drop of water but larger than a vapor molecule, which keeps rain and snow out while allowing sweat to escape. SVD offers the most advanced GORE-TEX sneakers for men and women today. A unique selection, specifically designed for outdoor activities, featuring contemporary designs, innovation, and functionality. Get your new pair of hiking boots from our online store and get in touch with nature while enjoying maximum protection against wind and moisture.